Byrd Bonner


Isidro Medina

Executive Vice President

Belinda Harolds

Gala Vice President

Michelle D. Burnett

Judging Vice President

Sami Serrano Bassig


DuWayne Greene



Alejandro Pesina

Theatre Liaison

Neryl Williams

Rebekah Williams

Benjamin Farrar

Rachelle Neuman



Isidro Medina (Chair), Belinda Harolds, Benjamin Farrar

Gala Awards 

Beilnda Harolds (Chair), Benjamin Farar, Sami Serrano Bassig

Judging Affairs

Michelle D. Burnett (VP/Chair/Judge Coordinator), Alejandro Pesina (Theatre Liaison), DuWayne Greene, Neryl Williams, Rachelle Neuman

Finance and Development

Executive Officers


Sponsorships and Sponsors: Byrd Bonner, DuWayne Greene, Isidro Medina

Ballot Review Team: Michelle D. Burnett. Isidro Medina, Alejandro Pesina, and Byrd Bonner, Ex-Officio

Marketing and Social Media Manager: Isidro Medina

Webmaster: Benjamin Farrar

Video Production: Benjamin Farrar

Board Selection

Director Selection Procedures:

  1. Applications are solicited from prospective board members.

  2. Applications are reviewed by all current board members.

  3. Applicants are voted on by the current board.

Director Qualifications:

  1. A willingness to serve.

  2. The availability to serve.

  3. A genuine interest in the mission of the organization to celebrate excellence in local theatre.

  4. The directors must be open-minded and non -biased toward all theatre organization, genres of literature and styles of production.

Director Tenures:

  1. Director tenures are suggested to be Three Years with at least One Year off before being eligible for another board term.

Director Removal:

  1. A director may be removed after three consecutive absences from scheduled meetings when there has been no communication from the director to the president about an upcoming absence.

  2. A director may be removed by the board for violations of the code of ethics policies.

  3. A director may be removed by the board for failure to perform assigned tasks when there has been no communication from the director to the president or committee chair directly involved with the assignment.