atac Globe Awards Archives
3rd Annual ATAC Globe Awards: 1992-1993
Production of a Musical High-Yello Rose  Jump-Start Performance Company
How to Succeed in Business....  
Jacques Brel  Star Productions
The Music Man
Nunsense  San Antonio Little Theater
Production of a Drama Abundance  Incarnate Word College
Christmas Carol, A  
Driving Miss Daisy  Star Productions
Rose Tattoo  
Trip to Bountiful  San Antonio Little Theater Cellar
Production of a Comedy Fortinbras   Incarnate Word College
I Hate Hamlet  Actors Theater of San Antonio
Lend Me A Tenor
Mark Twain Raising Cain
Return Engagements
Direction of a Musical Arnold April  High Yello Rose
Donald Bayne  How to Succeed in Business....
Vivienne Elborne  Nunsense
Mark Lit  Jaques Brel
Jerry Pollock  Assassins
Direction of a Drama Donna Aronson  Rhinoceros
Richard Jones  Abundance
Joyce Lambrecht & Pat Wells  The Rose Tattoo
Marty McLain  Trip to Bountiful
Rachelle Newman  Driving Miss Daisy
Direction of a Comedy Robert Ball  Fortinbras  
Joe Glenn Leard  Return Engagements
Jerry Pilato  I Hate Hamlet
Ric Slocum  Secret Obscenities
Danny Spear  Mark Twain Raising Cain
Scene Design George Burnette  Return Engagements  
Steve Gilliam  Old Matador
Karen Miller   Assassins
Saja Sokol   Abundance
David Yates   HMS Pinafore
Lighting Design David Yates  Nunsense
Felice Garcia   Signs of Life
James Roberts  Abundance
Bruce Shirky & W.C.Champlin  Brighton Beach Memoirs
Robert Whirborn   A Christmas Carol
Costume Design Nancy Hawkins   A Christmas Carol
Margaret Mitchell   Abundance
Robert Rehn  High-Yello Rose
Danny Spear  Mark Twain Raising Cain
Starline Costumes  HMS Pinafore
Original Script/Concept Sterling Houston  High-Yello Rose  
Richard Rosen  Alice
Wendy Waller  Estherella
Original Score Peter Carey  Rhinoceros  
Sterling Houston High-Yello Rose High-Yello Rose
Linda Kaufman Estherella Estherella
Wink Kelso IV Alice Alice
Carlos Trevino  Baal
Carlos Trevino  The Great Stage of the World
Music Direction Vivienne Elborne   Estherella  
Deb Mayes  Closer Than Ever
Brent Osner  Nunsense 
Mark Richter  How To Succeed in Business....
Sally Utley  Jaques Brel
Choreography Michael Garcia   High-Yello Rose  
Steve Garcia   Baby
J. Jay   Closer Than Ever
Gloria Liu  A Christmas Carol
Missy Miller  How to Succeed in Business....
Missy Miller Alice Alice
Jackie Sparks  The Music Man
Jackie Sparks   Nunsense
Lead Actor in a Musical Brian Cobb  The Music Man
Ryan Bonn   Baby
Mayo Caceres  Jaques Brel
Frank Christian  The Most Happy Fella
George Cortes   Jaques Brel
Kevin Johnson   How to Succeed in Business....
Lead Actress in a Musical Delma Cisneros  Jaques Brel
Anna Gangai   Estherella
Veronica Gonzalez   High-Yello Rose
Amy LaPresto   Nunsense
Bonnie Victor-Fried   Assassins
Supporting Actor in a Musical Ryan Bonn   The Most Happy Fella  
Brian Cobb  The Fantasticks
Daniel Elborne  The Music Man
DuWayne Greene   How to Succeed in Business....
Joseph Libby   The Music Man
Supporting Actress in a Musical Mary Byall   The Music Man
Mim Greene   How to Succeed in Business....
Virginia Hardy   The Most Happy Fella
Wanda Iddings  The Music Man
Joyce Lambrecht  How to Succeed in Business....
Lead Actor in a Drama Roger Alvarez  A Christmas Carol
Greg Hinojosa  The Rose Tattoo
Al Keller  Petrified Forest
Earley Teal  Driving Miss Daisy
Keith Wilson  Master Harold and the Boys
Lead Actress in a Drama Mary Byall  Driving Miss Daisy
Alice Finney  Trip to Bountiful
Claire MacRae  Abundance
Sherrie Shirky  Picnic
Jeannie Summers   The Rose Tattoo
Supporting Actor in a Drama Craig Campbell   Picnic  
Tony Ciarvino  A Christmas Carol
Al Keller   The Rose Tattoo
Al Keller   Trip to Bountiful
Dan McLaughlin   Picnic
Mike Morris   A Christmas Carol
Supporting Actress in a Drama Susan Brogdon  Picnic
Kathleen Couser  A Christmas Carol
Veronica Gonzalez  Signs of Life
Joyce Lambrecht   A Christmas Carol
Gypsy Pantoja  Standing on My Knees
Jonna Rosas   Trip to Bountiful
Lead Actor in a Comedy Don Cass  Born Yesterday   
Greg Dial  I Hate Hamlet  
Bill Gundry  Fortinbras
Bill Gundry  Return Engagements
Alberto Ramirez  Secret Obscenities
Danny Spear   Born Yesterday
Lead Actress in a Comedy Karen Jones   Fortinbras  
Karen Jones   Return Engagements
Claire MacRae   Return Engagements
Amy Kay Raymond   Born Yesterday
Mary Rhame  Impassioned Embraces
Michele Wietmann  Brighton Beach Memoirs
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Richard Jones   Return Engagements  
Philip Kazen   I Hate Hamlet
Joe Glenn Leard  Fortinbras
Kevin Murray   Fortinbras
J. Von Eberhard   Lend Me a Tenor
Supporting Actress in a Comedy Sallie Embs  I Hate Hamlet
Alice Finney   Lend Me a Tenor
Toni Marsh  Miss Firecracker Contest
Eva Matz   Return Engagements
Lynn Zalcberg   Miss Firecracker Contest
Jasmina Wellinghoff Award Jackie Sparks, Choreographer